Innsmouth issues 1-5 (physical and digital) are now available through my store.

Randolph Higgle, lowly door-to-door prophet of the Old Ones, has been promoted from distributing pocket Necronomicons to bringing about the end of days. The only problem is, he’d like to keep any day-ending or any other extra eldritch horror as far away from his Innsmouth, Massachusetts, as humanly (and inhumanly) possible.

Does "Book of Mormon meets H.P. Lovecraft" sound like it's up your alley/creek/cursed shack in the woods? Are you here for quality sentient eyeball content? Are you secretly a fishperson? Do you want to support indie comic creators?  Check out Innsmouth, published with Sink/Swim press!

Online Sample - Issue #1


It’s a spoof of Lovecraft that features Cthulhu-worshippers-as-mormon-missionaries and fish people that use Big Mouth Billy Basses as walkie talkies and if that doesn’t sound like something that is good as hell then I don’t know what to tell you.
— Tim Sutton, Marble Hornets
Innsmouth is the take on Lovecraft we all need right now. It’s honest about the oft-problematic source material but with a satire that isn’t so biting you lose the laughs. Megan is a rising cartoonist with something to say.
— -Matt Fisher, Life Leave Me Alone
Innsmouth embodies the fortitude of a fascinating, orchestrated world through an enticing narrative of love, hilarity, and adventure with absolutely, radiant design.
— Amelia Blair Langford, The Treasure Hunt Project